Eater, One-Year In: El Toro Blanco’s Josh Capon and John McDonald

Last fall, John McDonald and Josh Capon unleashed El Toro Blanco on the Village. A week later, Hurricane Sandy hit, knocking the power out of their stylish Mexican follow-up to Lure and B & B. Luckily, there was no damage to the space, and so the team started all over again a week later, restocking the guacamole bar and serving their light take on Mexican fare. El Toro Blanco has since ushered in the margarita-sipping crowds, opened up a patio, and snagged one star from Pete Wells (hitting some high decibels along the way). Here’s McDonald and Capon on their false start, cursed spaces, and why you should look twice before you shut the door on the ETB delivery guy. (Full article Eater NY)