The Absolute Best Burger in NYC by New York Magazine

For six weeks — make that seven — the editors of New York Magazine and Grub Street are publishing a series of definitive, painstakingly researched lists that declare the absolute best versions of 101 things to eat, drink, and do. And now we turn our attention to the subject of burgers. It’s interesting to note that there was a time, not so long ago, when New York was considered a second-rate burger town. Well, folks, times have changed. We are now inarguably and unrelentingly a first-rate burger town. If anything, we have too many great burgers. Yet, there is a difference between a burger that is merely great, and the stupendous, phenomenal, astonishing, exceptional, amazing burgers listed below.

2. Bowery Meat Company

Somehow, out of the Champagne-dreams-and-caviar-wishes preposterousness sparked by Daniel Boulud’s DB Burger, the Shake Shack–driven back-to-basics burger correction, and the subsequent modernist burger movement, there emerged a terrific new upscale burger — a superb synthesis of high and low, cheffed up but toned down, a fancy-pants burger with a bar-burger soul. The apotheosis of this style is the cheeseburger Josh Capon griddles to crusty perfection at Bowery Meat Company: seven ounces of 30-day-dry-aged custom-blended beef, smothered with caramelized onions and raclette, dressed with tomato aioli, and gently shoved into a well-tailored brioche bun. It’s the only burger we know that owes as much to the Pat LaFrieda meat-aging locker as it does to a trick Capon stole from In-N-Out — that is, swiping the patty with cheap mustard before searing it on the plancha. (See full article and the other four burgers here at Grub Street)  And for more burger deliciousness check out our Double Barrel and Bash below.

Double Barrel2
The Double Barrel at Burger & Barrel
Classic 6x Bash Winner aka The Bash Burger available B&B and Lure