Q & A: Chris Bianco in Three Minutes

JM: How long have you lived in Phoenix?
CB: One long day that started in 1986…
Favorite places to eat in Phoenix that is not yours?
Too many to list
Favorite places in NY?
Too many to list…
Why did you leave NY?
I was young and wanted to gain some perspective and sometimes you have to leave to find it, but I’m incredibly grateful to be born in the diverse complexities of NYC
What do you miss about NY?
Even being born there, I always felt a visitor and that’s what I appreciate about New York, I felt it was a city for everyone.. And now I it allows me to visit and still feel a sense of home
As a chef is there an advantage to being in Phx versus NYC today? Each and every place has its advantages and disadvantages.
As a chef, I try to see what a city can do and what it has to offer, and not what it can’t do. I’ve found something that helps me be a better chef everywhere I’ve cooked. As for Phoenix, certainly the year round growing season is an advantage.
You and Adam (Leonti) are in the upcoming Grain Divide documentary together, what is the most important take-away you’d like people to have from that film when it finally gets released?
For me, with that film or anything that I’m a part of, my intention in life is even if only in inches, that we move forward and leave things better than we found them… We not only leave the problems but we offer solutions and options. It’s important that we play well with other, so for millers and growers and chefs to work and need each other all with the goal to feed more people better food in the most economical and sustainable way.
Do you think the local is more important than sticking to “organic” when it comes to the home?
As I always say with a rumor or a tomato- consider the source. I look forward to a day when the terms local and organic don’t exist – but there is a transparency of where it was grown and who grew it. I have some farmers, smaller ones that can’t afford an organic certification but might exceed the requirements 10 fold….  Ultimately knowing where your food is from and whether it was grown sustainably is what we need to aim for.
What is your favorite thing to make at home for your family?
Scrambled farm eggs and toast.
You have projects in LA coming up, is it a Bianco Pizza or more like Tratta?
Neither really. It is a collaboration between Chad (Robertson from Tartine) and myself that will have elements and influences from both of our lives.
Have you been tempted to do something back home (NY)?
If you are asking I am always listening and I’m old enough now never to say never…
Done, let’s do it.  See you soon and cannot wait for the 26th.

Chris Bianco will be taking over the stoves at Sessanta for one night only, July 26th, tickets are exclusively via RESY here.